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The TrackBox API

Through our optical tracking, the TrackBox software is able to derive physical metrics and event data from your video streams, without any manual intervention. Simply connect your video streams with our API and the automated process will start. Your required data such as physical metrics and game statistics will be automatically available after each game

TrackBox Features


Physical Metrics

Our software will automatically track all the players on the field and replace GPS trackers. We capture every movement and generate key physical statistics both on team and individual level, including distance covered, high-intensity runs, heat maps, etc.


Game Highlights

How cool would it be if players could rewatch game highlights and share them with their friends & family? Using our software, game highlights will be automatically generated and made available on the TrackBox platform.


Tactical Play Recognition

Stop identifying, and start analyzing. Analyzing a full 90 minutes game takes a coach up to 8 hours on average. TrackBox does it for you. Our software automatically identifies tactical game situations such as counters and build-ups, which coaches normally have to tag manually themselves.


Event Data

The TrackBox software automatically generates a variety of event data like a passing & shots analysis, interception maps, an attack map, etc. in order to gain different insights into both your teams' and your opponents' performances. 

What's in it for you?

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  • Increase in tactical coaching level

  • Time-winning game analysis

  • Unique insights into both your teams' and your opponents' performances  



  • Improve player level

  • Full game & players' stats

  • Individual game highlights

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  • Game highlights available after the game

  • Commercial opportunities regarding sponsorships & visibility

  • Innovative club status

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No camera-solution at your club yet?

We've got you covered!

We can guide you to an experienced hardware provider.

Together we can fulfill all your end-to-end needs.

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